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Pruning Tips

What to do and What NOT to do

We've got some pro pruning tips for you

This photo illustrates a proper pruning cut which has completely healed and formed a callus and new bark over the cut.

Proper cut 1b

This photo depicts a proper pruning cut made on the tree trunk. The cut removed a branch that was dead for several years as can be seen the donut-like callus is well developed.

Proper cut 2B

This clearly photo depicts a proper cut which was made several years ago, possibly 7-12 years. Note the donut-like callus is developing over the cut to seal the wound and prevent decay from attacking the porous end-grain.

Proper cut 3newcircle

This photo illustrates an improper cut made on the tree trunk. It appears to have been cut from the ground with a pole saw, as the angle is wrong and cut is too long on top and too close on the bottom. There is also fiber and cambium tearout at the bottom of the cut, most likely due to improper cutting technique; ie cutting the entire branch off in one pass with a downward cut. This is avoidable by employing a two, or three cut method whereby a shallow score is made on the underside of the branch prior to cutting the branch off leaving a long stub, approximately 6 inches in length to remove the weight of the large branch. Then cutting of the remaining stub to the proper length and angle.

Improper cut 2newcirclecorrect

This view shows the cut was made at the wrong angle, thus there it is dog-eared at the top and it’s too deep at the bottom. This sort of mistake costs the tree years of additional healing time to close the wound.

Improper cut 1B

This photo depicts a cut which is wrong in every way; fiber tear due to cutting with full branch weight, wrong angle, too long. This cut will take more than twenty years to close. Approximately double the length of time it would take if it was cut properly.

Improper cut 3B

Picture depicting a proper cut.